The Grace Truth

Truth; conformity to reality or actuality.

Grace; the state of one who is under such divine influence.

Stripped; having only essential or minimal features.

iStock Stripped 1

I created this picture collage as a representation of how I see grace and truth in its purest form.

Both intertwined together playing their respective parts. With a spiritual upbringing I believe

that there is only one true freedom in this life. The freedom from being held down by our guilt

and shame. I learned from a man who played a significant part in how I view truth and grace,

that in order to truly experience freedom in truth, you must fully accept grace. I pushed away

grace for most of my life. But now it all has changed. Freedom has come to me in the way of

confessing my sin and accepting both grace and truth with the understanding that one cannot

live without the other. I want to be stripped of all immorality and walk where I’ve been called…

as a free man.

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