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THG Hunger Games Font Download

The Hunger Games font now available for download at
Download now to create your fan gear in time for THG #2, Catching Fire, on November 22!
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Hunger Games Font Now Available for Download.


Becca’s Best Bacon Font

It was a collaborative effort. Becca drew the bacon by hand. And I for four weeks, in the wee hours of the morning, electro-deliberately stitched each piece of bacon into a legible font the likes of which you see below. And thus was created, BECCAS BACON! The best bacon font available on the internet to date! I hope you enjoy it. Try not to get to get too hungry while using it.

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My new font website is up and running. It’s called

Every font available on the site is one dollar or less.


One Dollar Fonts. I love the idea and I love that I get to share the fonts that me and my friends create. I recently released the Divergent font for the true fans of the Divergent series so that they can begin creating fan gear as soon as possible. I was first introduced to Divergent almost immediately after I finished the Hunger Games series. I didn’t think anything could live up to THG but Veronica Roth has really done something incredible with this story.

Being the one to create the fan-based Hunger Games font was really special and I got to see it used in so many amazing and creative ways. I want to do the same for Divergent. Hopefully fans of Divergent will read this and see how emotionally involved I am with every font I create and that there is a story and attachment to all of the things that inspire me!


So I’ve tried something new recently. Creating a font.  I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out. I was unsure if it would even work or if I would even enjoy it. But something tells me that my downloaders are glad I created it. Within the first day I saw almost one-thousand downloads on and my font holds it’s position at #1 in it’s category. Hopefully that continues to be the case for days to come.  The Hunger Games font is based off of the “Hunger Games” Trilogy written by Suzanne Collins. You can check out the font by clicking the link below.

I’m already thinking of what my next font will be.

Hunger Games Font