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Newsflash: a free and customizable news app made by Mizzou college students for the iPhone and iTouch.

Here’s a banner I made to support some of our local college students in a competition to create the best iPhone app. The contest was sponsored by Apple, AT&T, and the University of Missouri. The Newsflash App ended up winning the competition and the four creators won new iPhones along with other niceties.

The unfortunate part is that I did NOT receive an iPhone.

News Flash Flyer


Beaver, Beaver, Beaver, oooooh

Just a little tribute to my friend Justin Beaver. He’s got the hair goin’ on, rockin’ the mic,

and slammin’ that piece sign. Justin…..YES…she is out there!




This magazine ad takes me back to when I was still a baby in design. While

I still haven’t fully matured with my craft I can definitely say this design was

a landmark in my life. I was so proud to have not only come up with the layout

but the tagline as well. FedPro wanted it sports related, short and sweet, and really

to the point (as most professional company’s do). I remember racking my brain

for a couple days. But with such a short deadline I didn’t see it turning out well.

Finally that night, about three o’clock in the morning, I sat straight up in my bed

and texted myself the tagline you see in the ad and then I fell back asleep. I was

ecstatic when they told me they loved it and were going to run it as a mag ad.


Get Bach Here!

Some of the best parts of my design is the fact that I get to work with

some really talented people. This photo taken by Ford Keith Montgomery II

screams professional photographer! The clarity and color magnify his ability

to overcome the impossible of turning a dark dingy room into a full blown studio

that exerts quality beyond measure.

CB Poster 1

Courtney, another talented artist, gave me (for a second time) the honor of

designing her recital flyers for 2010. And because of her great photogenic

violin and hair, we ended up with this perfectly fun and quirky shot .