LAWesome LAWyers

Hey guys. I’m finally back after a long stint in egypt…

just kidding. ( j/k for you lingo kids )

Here’s a new logo I made for a local law firm.

I love getting new clients. Especially when they’re awesome lawyers.

We’ve become good friends and I think I’ll take them out to lunch soon!

They’re the type of guys you would want to go hunting with.

Or blow things up (legally of course) on a Saturday morning.

So check out their new website here below

< < < right here. V&B Logo

< < < or here.

< < < or even here

V&B Logo



Here’s another exciting project I got to create a couple years ago.
Billboards! Who can say they’ve designed a billboard before?


Billyboards 1

Billyboards 2


Newsflash: a free and customizable news app made by Mizzou college students for the iPhone and iTouch.

Here’s a banner I made to support some of our local college students in a competition to create the best iPhone app. The contest was sponsored by Apple, AT&T, and the University of Missouri. The Newsflash App ended up winning the competition and the four creators won new iPhones along with other niceties.

The unfortunate part is that I did NOT receive an iPhone.

News Flash Flyer

The Good Kind of Sick

So I DJ’ed my first wedding last weekend. Although I was extremely prepared, I was also terrified. It’s a lot of pressure to realize that the success of the reception for the bride and groom and their guests lies solely in your ability to hook up every cable correctly, plug in every little cord, and make sure you’ve got equipment that won’t fail. If any one thing is done incorrectly, it could mean the difference between a great reception and a failed one. And I kid you not, the thought of failing loomed in the back of my mind from the moment I arrived at noon until the last hour of the reception at 10. But I think it was a good thing over all. Although I was sick to my stomach for most of the day, it kept me on my toes and I checked everything once, and then I checked it again….and again….and again. And I came out on top. It was a successful night not only for me but for my newly married friends, Tyler and Becca. I could not have asked for better friends or a better night and I look forward to my next wedding.

Jordan’s Fave’s!

Here are just a fraction of my favorite t-shirt designs and logos that I have created over the last year or so. Enjoy and let me know what you think!

(Click on designs to preview them larger!)


grinchbirthday knife


hungry hipposQ-Quills

baby monkeybeer pong

bradys glass

terror mizzouprieto

jayhawks for dinner

Beaver, Beaver, Beaver, oooooh

Just a little tribute to my friend Justin Beaver. He’s got the hair goin’ on, rockin’ the mic,

and slammin’ that piece sign. Justin…..YES…she is out there!



Beautiful Baggage

I surprised my friend Sara with this quick design I made for her website