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My new font website is up and running. It’s called

Every font available on the site is one dollar or less.


One Dollar Fonts. I love the idea and I love that I get to share the fonts that me and my friends create. I recently released the Divergent font for the true fans of the Divergent series so that they can begin creating fan gear as soon as possible. I was first introduced to Divergent almost immediately after I finished the Hunger Games series. I didn’t think anything could live up to THG but Veronica Roth has really done something incredible with this story.

Being the one to create the fan-based Hunger Games font was really special and I got to see it used in so many amazing and creative ways. I want to do the same for Divergent. Hopefully fans of Divergent will read this and see how emotionally involved I am with every font I create and that there is a story and attachment to all of the things that inspire me!